Mia Love up big in Utah House race

GOP Convention star Mia Love has taken a big lead in her Utah House race according to the Salt Lake Tribune: Love's polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies, said that Love is now leading the race, 51-36, and "This heavily Republican district is coming home." POS said its July poll of the district showed Matheson leading 51-38, meaning the race took a 28-point swing. Love said in a statement that the support is "encouraging." "Sadly, Jim Matheson has turned to false attacks on my community and my family. Now is the time for Jim Matheson to stop his negative campaign," she said. Love, who talks about her parents' emigration to America from Haiti at every speaking opportunity, blames Matheson for questions raised about their path to citizenship. On Tuesday, Love and her campaign refused to answer a series of questions about her parents' story. The Matheson campaign said releasing the poll is an attempt by Love's campaign to do damage control. "It's a totally biased internal poll...(Read Full Post)