Media pack tear into Romney's speech

Politico has a a telling analysis of Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the RNC. Writers Jim Vandenhei and John F. Harris ask a series of questions about the speech, and then posit what the media pronouncements will be, implicitly acknowledging their colleagues' pack mentality. Below are their questions and, abbreviated, answers, followed by this correspondent's analysis. Does he (Romney) pass the get-it test? Yeah, sure, kinda-Romney Thursday night showed he "gets it" as well as he is ever going to get it. He seemed like a comfortable and accessible figure, if hardly an electric one; there was nothing distant or exotic about his performance or personal presence. By the end, he even showed a little punch. What you might call a left-handed compliment, at best. (Hey! Isn't Obama left-handed?) Does he make a coherent case for his candidacy? A strong yes... One line captured it best. "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise is to...(Read Full Post)