Media Matters in Cahoots with DOJ on Fast and Furious

The Daily Caller obtained multiple emails sent in September and November of 2010 showing Holder's Justice Department communications staff in cahoots with Soros funded left-wing reporters at Media Matters. Apparently Media Matters worked with Holder's press defenders to head off any negative stories about Operation Fast and Furious launched in the fall of 2009.  Dozens of pages of emails between DOJ Office of Public Affairs Director Tracy Schmaler and Media Matters staffers show Schmaler, Holder's top press defender, working with Media Matters to attack reporters covering DOJ scandals. TheDC obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act. The emails revealed Media Matters targeted Townhall's Katie Pavlich, Sipseystreet's Mike Vanderboegh, Daily Caller's Matt Boyle, and CBS' Sharyl Atkisson. Schmaler also requested an attack piece on Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips. What ticked off Schmaler enough to go after Phillips?...(Read Full Post)