Mark Shields Gets Mitch Slapped

Unseen by almost everyone, mild-mannered Mitch McConnell stepped out of the phone booth the other evening as SuperMitch and delivered the most succulent and exquisite thrashing of a media hack yet delivered this election season. Leader McConnell usually drones on monochromatically and indecipherably in a soporific monotone reminiscent of an adult in a Peanuts video: Only with a studied, and worthwhile, effort can the considerable substance of what he is saying be extracted. However, in a recent appearance on a normally unwatched-many-viewers-program with four undistinguished talking heads, another facet of Mr. McConnell's personality suddenly and delightfully emerged.  Following a bland exchange with the admirer of creased pants, Leader McConnell was asked by the moderator, Mrs. Al Hunt, to respond to a question from the fellow Rush refers to as "Mark 'Maxi' Shields." Did he ever!  "Maxi" may well be the the most insufferable and pedantic south-end-of-a-north-bound equine on...(Read Full Post)