'Liberal Muslim' Mona Eltahawy Violently Rejects Free Speech

Stalwart Pamela Hall was caught on a remarkable video defending the New York City subway ads of the American Freedom Defense Initiative from the unhinged anti-free speech jihad of "liberal Muslim" Mona Eltahawy. Ms. Eltahawy objected to the ad depicted below. But the jihad pathology identified and held up for opprobrium in the ad was captured in this graphic discussion of jihadist carnage "celebrations" by the Palestinian Muslim masses, excerpted from Dr. Raphael Israeli's 2003, Islamikaze-Manifestations of Islamic Matryrology: ...few outsiders have paid attention to the makeshift stage, erected at the terminal of those processions, which bring to their climax the celebrations. Often the latest target they destroyed, for example an Israeli bus loaded with dozens of passengers on board, is meticulously reconstructed in paper, cardboard and cloth, painted so as to imitate the original, and then set ablaze to the lunatic cries of delight of the watching crowds. All the while, the...(Read Full Post)