Just the facts please

In all fairness, I vow to be an impartial, independent fact checker. First Mitt Romney. This week Governor Romney was caught shaking hands with a supporter and saying "Good morning". Now while it was technically still morning it was 11:30, and as you know, that is almost afternoon. So while it was technically correct, we will be giving Mr. Romney two Pinocchio's. It would have been more correct to say "Good day" or "Howdy?". Now for President Obama. The President this week on the campaign trail made the statement, "...three proud words: Made in the U.S.A." This was repeated exactly the same way as he read it off his teleprompter at a similar event the next day. This statement is, of course, totally true. Mr. Obama only said three words - "made in the". The rest of the statement included only letters not words. Had he said the words "Made in the United States of America", that would have been seven words but he chose his words carefully and we give him no Pinocchio's. Our...(Read Full Post)