John Walker Lindh Doesn't Deserve the Right to Pray

John Walker Lindh, the estranged American teenager who converted to Islam and joined the ranks of the Taliban in Afghanistan, is suing the federal government.  He claims his religious freedom is being violated by prison staff who are barring him from praying with his fellow convicted terrorists five times a day, which Lindh's religion requires.  The prison currently only allows one weekly prayer session. Lindh's lawyer, Ken Falk, the legal director of the ACLU of Indiana, argued "A congregational prayer elevates the magnitude and the importance of the prayer from a religious sense, and by denying him this right, his religious exercise and his religious beliefs are being substantially burdened."  While most who read this story will likely roll their eyes, it represents a good opportunity to discuss rights of all sorts and the principles that support them. What is important to remember, especially in times of war, is that individual rights are not absolute. They are...(Read Full Post)