Ignatius Puzzled by Netanyahu's Iranian Red Line Push

The Washington Post's David Ignatius is stumped, he claims.  Stumped by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insistence that the U.S. draw a firm "red line" to stop Iran's relentless push for nuclear weapons capability.  Heck, not just capability, but the production of nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and menace the United States.  The former, a most public and oft-stated goal of the Jew-hating Iranian mullahs and their puppet-president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But as we read through Ignatius' thoughts and analysis, we discover that he needn't be stumped.  Ignatius answers his own question. In Ignatius' own words: Watching Netanyahu's public, Hamlet-like anguishing over the past year about "to bomb or not to bomb," one suspects the real issue for him isn't red lines so much as trust that they will be enforced. Despite Obama's record of lethal covert action against al-Qaeda, the president clearly hasn't convinced Bibi.  [Italics added]  So, Ignatius...(Read Full Post)