How solid is the black vote for Obama?

Urban poverty has skyrocketed under Obama.  Black unemployment rates are shameful.  Horrible stories of urban violence, such as a shot recently fired into a parochial school bus in Chicago in the Black and Hispanic South Deering neighborhood, seem to dominate local urban news stories.  None of this was mentioned at the Democratic National Convention.  Inside the convention center, the class warfare meme was largely confined to those evil, rich and largely suburban Republicans.      On Wednesday afternoon, as I was sitting in a chartered bus parked where we could see Bank of America stadium, I chatted with the black driver about the hard time Obama was having trying to attract enough people to fill the stadium.  The driver had little time for those who wanted to come just to see Obama.  His assessment of Obama and his administration? "When they're making over six figures they stop relating to those of us who make only five" I don't know...(Read Full Post)