Hopeful Barack Obama, the Merchant of Hopelessness

Barack Obama is hopeful; or at least that's what he told America during his DNC acceptance speech.  Yet, his list of things and people that give him hope actually points to the reasons many Americans are hopeless.  At a time in our history when, thanks to his failed efforts at leveling the playing field, more citizens of the greatest nation on earth are suffering, it's always comforting to know that as we suffer, the President who plans to continue with those failed policies remains hopeful. And what is it exactly that gives Obama all that hope?  Feigning humility, Barack Obama admitted that it's "not because I think I have all the answers." So, notwithstanding having no answers the first time around, the President remains optimistic about the next four years, although even he confesses he doesn't really have remedies for all the problems he created. The President also acknowledged that he's not "naïve about the magnitude of [the] challenges" that he doesn't have...(Read Full Post)