Hey kids! Let's have a Constitutional Convention!

Professor Sanford Levinson has written a book where he advocates that a new Constitutional Convention be convened in order to "engage in a comprehensive overview of the US Constitution and the utility of many of its provisions to twenty-first century Americans." "Framed: America's Fifty-One Constitutions and the Crisis of Governance" is reviewed by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and if you read his very long, very interesting  analysis of Levinson's reasoning, you will almost certainly hope that the good professor's wish is never realized. For example: Who would be the framers of this new Constitution? Levinson "would advocate that delegates from each state, proportionate to overall population, be selected by lottery, with very limited restrictions on selection (the most obvious one being age)." He would pay the delegates the salary for two years of a Supreme Court justice or senator, given the public importance of their job, and also to make possible...(Read Full Post)