Grievances and Condescension

Despite other commitments and a desire to avoid, live, the overwrought grievance-mongering and arrogant condescension of certain speakers, speech transcripts provided details of the recent Democratic National Convention, the puzzling themes and clear omissions of which raised many questions: 1)  How could Democrats spend three days talking about spending even more tax money on special interests and new programs without once mentioning the $16 trillion national debt, or the $6 trillion added to it in less than four years? 2)  With the economy suffering and the world in turmoil, why did Democrats devote the second night of their convention to some of the least appealing domestic interest groups in their base: Big Labor, abortion advocates and militant feminists? 3) The Democrats have held the White House for four years, and controlled both houses of Congress for the first two. If, as speaker Bob King, president of the United Auto Workers, would have it, Democrats are the last,...(Read Full Post)