GOP hawks urge Romney not to abandon Afghanistan

Some Republicans are telling Mitt Romney to publicly break with President Obama over his strategy of withdrawal in Afghanistan and commit the US to achieving a better outcome there. The Hill: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told The Hill on Wednesday the Romney camp needed to distance itself from the Obama administration's goal of pulling all American forces from Afghanistan by 2014. They should, instead, pursue a war plan focused on "what we leave behind" in the country, not just ending the war as soon as possible, according to Graham. "It's about getting it right," the South Carolina Republican said. Getting it right, he added, almost certainly means keeping U.S. forces in country past the administration's deadline. "On the first day of a Romney administration," the presumed president-elect needed to call a meeting of the top U.S. commanders in Afghanistan and chart a different strategic course for the country, Graham said. "And if [they] need to change the timetable in...(Read Full Post)