God, Jerusalem, and the Daffy Dems

So the Democrats have, against the clear vote of their convention delegates, reinserted language related to God and Jerusalem into their platform.  As Governor Strickland, who brought this fraudulent motion, informs us, this about face was instigated at the urging of President Obama himself.  Thus, we see that Obama is an equal opportunity tyrant: he is prepared to rule by fiat among his own party faithful, just as he proudly runs roughshod over Republican lawmakers and the American people in general.  It's bizarrely comforting to know that the U.S. Constitution isn't the only rulebook he despises.  Better yet, it has been marvelous entertainment to watch Obama and his gang twisting themselves into pretzels on this platform issue.  When the mainstream media (oops!) reported the story of the removal of the language in question, the official mouthpieces were quick to defend the decision.  ABC quoted a "DNC spokeswoman" as follows: As the White House said...(Read Full Post)