Getting My Money's Worth

With gas prices rising faster than I can pump the gas itself, I find myself in a different world now each time I stop at the gas station to fill 'er up.  Used to be a time when gas was cheap (last week) and I would leisurely take my time as the nozzle injected its spirits into my tank.  Now, however, I desperately search the island around the pumps for the "perks" that help me to justify the beating I'm taking as the pump dial rounds $80 and the gas gauge needle hasn't even hit ¼ tank yet!  For those of us with trucks; the price of a fill-up equates to something akin to new set of tires! Now, while the liquid gold is finding its way into my tank, I busy myself with actions that make me feel a bit better about the mortgage payment that I can't make 'cuz of the price of gas.  I start by using the little squeegee to wash not only the windows, but the whole car.  Lights, hood, fenders...all of it!  I figure I can get at least three cents worth of water out...(Read Full Post)