'Gaps' in Obama's leadership, says Woodward

Woodward is being nice. What he really means is that there were many times that Obama was an empty suit during the debt ceiling negotiations that the president simply failed to lead. In an interview with ABC's Judy Woodruff, Woodward talked about his new book "The Price of Politics" which covers the debt ceiling crisis from last year. A few choice tidbits: Asked if Obama simply wasn't ready for the job of being president, Woodward responded: "I am not ducking this. I am weighing evidence, and there's evidence that he got on top of a lot of things, he did a lot of things. And there's evidence that there are gaps," he said. "He did not fix this." Woodward places particular blame for the failure to reach a deal with Obama, writing that the seeds of discord were planted early in his administration. He displayed "two sides" of his personality in early meetings with congressional leaders, Woodward said. "There's this divided-man quality to President Obama always. Initially he meets...(Read Full Post)