Fact checking the fact checkers

Fact checkers have been getting a lot of attention recently as the line between fact checking and personal interpretation have become more blurred. I first noticed this in the results of the "fact checking" of Ryan's acceptance speech. In every case the fact checkers seemed to not address the facts but gave their interpretation of what Ryan was trying to say. Interpretations are opinions and should be relegated to the editorial page not the fact checking columns. Case in point: Ryan said that Obama went to Janesville and told the workers at the plant that a government under his leadership would make sure that the plant would be open for another 100 years. I saw a video of then candidate Obama's speech and it was pretty clear what he was saying. Ryan stated the fact that Obama didn't live up to that promise because the plant is now shuttered. Fact Check = True. The so-called fact checkers preferred to make the case that the plant was shut down under Bush. This is...(Read Full Post)