Enthusiasm gap among key constituencies could doom Obama

We've been tracking the "enthusiasm gap" between Democrats and Republicans for several months. But political analyst Charlie Cook breaks down the numbers within the numbers and shows why the president is in deep trouble unless he can reignite some of the passion felt by voters in 2008. Just as Mitt Romney's challenge last week at the Republican National Convention was to connect on a personal level with voters and make them comfortable with the idea of him sitting in the Oval Office, President Obama's challenge this week at the Democratic National Convention is to reignite the flame-the passion among young and Latino voters that burned four years ago but is now just a smoldering ember. Three demographic groups turbocharged Obama's 7-percentage-point victory over John McCain in 2008: young voters ages 18-29, Latinos, and African-Americans. Their influx changed the composition of the electorate that year, making it look quite different from the makeup of voters in 2000 and 2004....(Read Full Post)