Elizabeth Warren and Private Enterprise

Now that the Dem Convention is over, we can reflect on what we heard there.  One of the most remarkable things - really startling - that we heard came from Elizabeth Warren, the Native American who is running for the Senate in Massachusetts.  She was the warm-up act for Bill Clinton on Wednesday night. Getting worked up a short way into her speech, Ms. Warren said the most remarkable thing: "Look around, oil companies guzzle down billions in profits." The theme of Ms. Warren's speech was that "the system is rigged against them [the middle class]."  Apparently, Ms. Warren is unaware that oil companies are among the best - perhaps the best - employers in the country.  Oil industry jobs are well-paying, one would even say, high-paying, at all levels, particularly including field work.  The fondest hope of any middle-class community is that an oil company will come to town. Oil companies are among the best, the highest examples of private enterprise.  They...(Read Full Post)