Eastwood Showed the Way for Mitt's Ad Men

If it is true that Clint Eastwood's Obama Chair improvisational performance was truly unrehearsed, then he deserves an Academy Award for that alone. In ten short minutes, with humor, expert timing, wit, pleasant sarcasm, at times brilliant turns of phrase, insight and self-deprecating and sincere humility, Clint "blew their heads clean off."  He also presented the Romney admen with the  missing dimension for the plan they need to beat Obama this November.  Clint hit Obama, the man, as well as Obama, the policie As a twenty-year-plus adman, I've observed the Romney ad plan with trepidation. Presumably due a variety of poll-driven rationales, it has failed to exploit many of the President's most glaring (and chilling) weaknesses.  Simply put, the Romney ads focus on Mitt's strengths (good), Obama's policy weakness (good), Obama's lousy record in office (good), plus they provide somewhat tepid responses to the toxic lies and specious charges hurled against Romney...(Read Full Post)