DNC starts with a new Obama low

If there's anything more gut-wrenching than seeing a child with a serious health problem, it's seeing a politician take advantage of a child with a serious health problem. Yet that's exactly what Barack Obama and the Democrat Party did to set the tone of their convention Tuesday night. One of the first speakers at the DNC was Stacey Lihn, whose daughter was born with a life-threatening heart defect. Lihn delivered an emotional description of how Obamacare assured that her infant daughter, Zoe, would continue to receive treatment from their health insurance company for her daughter's medical condition, without financial limits. Lihn claimed that, after receiving two out of three required heart surgeries, Zoe was halfway to her insurance company's lifetime limit. Essentially Barack Obama's handlers were using Lihn to say that Obama saved little two-year-old Zoe's life from a condition which, strangely, was not identified in the speech. At least in the speech's transcript. Elsewhere, the...(Read Full Post)