Democratic Convention - First Night

Well, the Democratic Convention has begun and there was a lot of heated talk about the freedom to marry whomever you love, and very little-correct that-no mention of the $16 trillion national debt. The country is broke, and the current administration just added more than $5 trillion to the left side of the ledger with nothing to show for it on the right side. (Instead of letting the auto industry use Chapter 11 to reorganize, at no expense to the tax payer, Obama stepped in to secure the union vote and billed all of us some $25 billion for the bragging rights.)  Equally and painfully absent was any word about: Income equality has become worse under Obama than under Bush Health care costs have risen dramatically for the majority Taxes are going up for everyone A record number of people are on food stamps, and poverty has grown back to pre 1960's levels And the so-called 4 million jobs created since Obama wandered into office include a lot of low paying service...(Read Full Post)