Democrat Convention enters fiasco territory (updated)

Democrats shot themselves in the foot in the second day of their convention. Twice. If a Republican convention had suffered similar fiascoes in the same day, the media would be claiming the convention was verging on chaos. Today, the Democrats showed us that President Obama can no longer draw the same kind of crowds he did in 2008. Even worse, the party fell all over itself scrambling to undo the damage of exposure of its surreptitious excision of the words "God" and "Jerusalem" from the platform First, the party announced that Barack Obama would move his acceptance speech to Time-Warner Arena, rather than face thousands of empty seats at Bank of America Stadium. With a straight face, spokespeople have assured us that threat of rain was so severe that there was no alternative. The fact that they were so desperate to get bodies to the stadium that they were handing out tickets in bars, we are expected to discount. As well, we must ignore the meteorologist of the local NBC affiliate who...(Read Full Post)