Debate moderators will spell the difference

In one of the GOP Presidential Candidate debates, the moderator took the train off track, and Newt called him on it instantly. John Harris of Politico attempted to create infighting amongst the GOP candidates and turn the evening from one of honest debate and position presentation to one of squabble and distraction. In short, to turn the debate into a firework display for liberals to sit back on their picnic blankets and enjoy.  Newt stopped him cold.  It was so refreshing.  (Video) Who moderates and how they moderate is tantamount to how the debates will play out. And now for the big show. The Romney-Obama debates beginning October 3rd will be moderated by what might be, probably will be, a "journalist" with an agenda.  It will be subtle and clever but the predetermined directional forces will be there. The issues of the economy and the facts of the budget deficit will likely be tamped down.  Perhaps the facts of the condition of the country will be allowed a...(Read Full Post)