Civil Rights and the Tea Party

Education has recently been deemed the civil rights issue of our time. I beg to differ. The end of the middle class, and all it stands for, is the civil rights issue of our time. With apologies to Ann Coulter who correctly linked the civil rights movement to blacks and America's legacy of slavery, there's no reason middle-class tea party citizens can't get in on the act and commandeer the term.  After all, we are paying for "Obama phones," government school meals, Medicaid and a segment of the 47 percent free loading off the rest of us.  In return what do we get for all of our hard work? A place on the Department of Homeland Security's domestic terrorist list and scapegoated by the media. During the last four years leftists from the President on down have maligned and targeted conservative tea party types. And make no mistake; in the eyes of the radical Left tea party values are synonymous with middle-class values....(Read Full Post)