Christopher Stevens and the fall of Gaddafi

An AT article published almost a year ago revealed the key role played by the late (now) Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the fall of Gaddafi, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, as revealed in the flying of a black MB flag. Written by Ernest Sipes, the entire piece deserves a second look. Here are a few key paragraphs. In a chilling possible foretaste of what awaits Libya, the flag used by Al Qaeda has been flown by the leaders of the revolution there backed by Obama. On November 2, 2011, an article was published in the Daily Mail with the title "Flying Proudly Over the Birthplace of Libya's Revolution, the Flag of Al Qaeda". The pictures accompanying the article show on the roof of a building two flags, one a black flag emblazoned with the moon and Arabic script reading "There is no God but Allah". This black flag, the acknowledged banner of members of Al Qaeda, is pictured flying next to the Libyan national flag on the top of the courthouse in Benghazi. This may be...(Read Full Post)