Bill Clinton's Masterful 2016 Triangulation Strategy

If you know Bill Clinton you know one thing for sure, everything he does is calculated to benefit just one person - himself. Wednesday night at the DNC Bill Clinton gave what everyone in the liberal media called one of the best speeches in American political history. No doubt about it, Clinton can captivate the masses with his, "I feel your pain" and "Now listen to me" oratory better than anyone alive today. But as I mentioned before, his calculated objective was to ultimately benefit himself - through Hillary. What Bill Clinton accomplished Wednesday will eventually go down in political history as the most perfect triangulation strategy ever designed and implemented. And you guessed it - to put Hillary in the White House in 2016.  Bill Clinton's dominant angle in this triangulation strategy is what he (And most political pundits) sees as his irrefutable economic and foreign policy successes as a two term President. The two other accommodating angles of triangulation making this...(Read Full Post)