Assad wants Iran to do more to help him

As this article in StrategyPage points out, Iran is already doing plenty to prop up the Assad regime in Syria. But Assad's wish list contains some truly frightening things and Iran isn't crazy enough to accommodate him: Iran has disappointed its long-time ally Syria. Despite sending cash, security/intelligence specialists, weapons and other supplies, Syria feels that Iran could do more. Actually, Syria is pleading with Iran to do more, otherwise the Shia minority that has ruled Syria for decades will be no more, and Iran will lose a key ally in its effort to become the leader of the Islamic war. Syria wants Iran to create a state of war against the Gulf Arab states and coerce them to stop supplying Syrian rebels with money and weapons. Iran can't do this without risking a real war and that would make it clear what a massive fraud Iranian military power is. Western intelligence agencies know, from satellite, electronic eavesdropping and a large number of human informants...(Read Full Post)