As We Approach the Final Battle to Save America

Dear Patriots: It has been an amazing four years, beginning with the socialists'/progressives' occupation of America led by Barack Obama and coming to a close with patriots rising up to stop the godless agenda of our nation's enemies. My article published in 2010, "A Black Man: The Progressive's Perfect Trojan Horse," still enjoys wide circulation.  In the article, I explained how the left exploited white America's goodness, decency, and guilt to sell us their Trojan Horse, a shiny new black man.  My article points out that no "white" president could get away with such a lawless, un-constitutional, over-reaching, and tyrannical reign as Obama's. Obama was marketed as a sea level-lowering and planet-healing moderate post-racial messiah, shepherding in Nirvana.  Naïve white American voters thought, Finally, we can no longer be called racists.  Sadly, they were wrong. Obama is the most far-left-radical, racially polarizing, and anti-Christian president in U.S....(Read Full Post)