An Army Without Food

This morning there was an article in my local paper, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, that unknowingly identified all my neighbors should need to know about how to vote in November.  The Salvation Army is out of food.  They are feeding more people than they have ever feed and they have no more food.  Their food drive in May usually keeps them stocked until Christmas.  It is September and the Salvation Army is out of food. There are 489,000 people in Palm Beach and Broward counties on food stamps and still the Salvation Army is out of food.  Massive Federal government intervention has not helped the Salvation Army keeps its pantries stocked.  Government intervention only makes matters worse. We have a simple choice on November 6.  Vote for Democrats to move the country forward or vote for Republicans to move the country "backward" -- this appears to be the central message of the Democratic National Convention and the President and Vice President's...(Read Full Post)