A tale of two teacher's strikes

Chicago Teachers are on strike.  35 miles north of Chicago there is also a teachers strike, in the tony suburb of Lake Forest. In Chicago, the teacher's average compensation is circa $71,000 per year.  The average household income in Chicago is around $46,000. In Lake Forest, the average teacher compensation is around $106,000 per annum.  The average household income in Lake Forest is about $200,000. In the Chicago instance, the teachers are well above the median income, yet still want more from those who make less. In Lake Forest, the teachers seem to think that if they are teaching the kids of those who make 200K a year that perhaps they should be making something closer to that number. Each of these strikes is absurd, but in different ways.  To expect more taxes to come from those who make less than you so that you may make more money must be questioned.  Chicago is broke. And it is wonderful theatre to watch Rahm Emanuel cross swords with the Teachers...(Read Full Post)