A Helpful Suggestion for The Late Show

Poor David Letterman. No matter what he does, from innuendo about Bristol Palin to his own sex scandal, he just can't seem to beat the even less amusing Jay Leno in the competition for pole position in the late night ratings. Have I got an idea for him! Not only would this idea be ratings gold, it would give Letterman the opportunity to contribute to the cause of freedom around the world. It seems that president Barack Obama cannot make time on his schedule to meet with Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu. In the meantime, Iran continues to ramp up its threats to blow Israel off of the map as well as its nuclear arsenal. The Middle East burns as a U.S. ambassador and other Americans are assassinated on what is, or should be, considered sovereign soil. Obama cannot meet with Netanyahu under these circumstances. He has important engagements in Las Vegas, on the campaign trail, and skipping out on intelligence briefings. Most importantly, the White House announced that Obama is...(Read Full Post)