Wife of Rep. Jackson says husband 'completely debilitated' by depression

The wife of US Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is talking and the congressman's constituents are finally getting some information about his illness. Chicago Sun Times: In an exclusive interview, Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th) walked Sneed through the dark days since her husband's "collapse." She also dispelled rumors her husband, who is being treated for depression at Mayo Clinic, attempted suicide or was receiving help for alcohol and drug addiction. "No, no, none of that is true," said Sandi Jackson, who has been at the helm of her husband's health care since he collapsed at their home in Washington, D.C., on June 10. Ald. Jackson, who has spent the past month traveling from home to hospital to work, also provided a dramatic timeline for the congressman's stunning absence, which netted sympathy and . . . criticism. "His collapse was D-Day for us," said Sandi Jackson, who tells Sneed her husband had become "completely debilitated by depression." She also claims the congressman's world...(Read Full Post)