Why is Harry Reid riding the mail pony?

Harry Reid says Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for a ten year period.

He has been told by someone.  But that is a secret.

Apparently that is good enough for Harry. The Majority Leader of the Senate of the United States of America engages in hearsay.  But more than that, Reid actually declared that Romney didn't pay taxes for ten years. 

But why is Harry Reid the mouthpiece here?  Why did the alleged 'mystery caller' call Harry?  Why not David Axelrod, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rachel Maddow?  How do you get Harry's direct number anyhow?  Was there no caller ID?  Did he speak directly with the "informant"?

Curious that the highest Mormon in government takes a shot at the first Mormon candidate for President. Maybe Harry is less engaged and devoted to Mormonism, and more engaged in what appears to be his hobby, McCarthyism?  Maybe he has his "M's" confused.  For certainly his actions work, somehow, against the tenet of 'thou shall not bear false witness".  Ring a bell, Harry?  The unsubstantiated nature of your charges smacks more of McCarthyism than obedience to religious commandments.

This Harry Reid finds time for these antics, but no time to pass a budget or vote on jobs bills passed by the House.  This Harry Reid of the Democratic Party that sees nothing wrong with stonewalling Attorney Generals.  This Harry Reid of the Democratic Party that holds the notion that heavily redacted and selectively provided documents satisfy House Oversight demands.

What would the Democrats say if the tax returns appeared to be 'layered' PDF files and forensics showed some computer antics with the text?  Could they ask for more proof?

Or, would they just have the Treasury Secretary, the man overseeing the IRS, to look into Romney's past returns.  That might be a shade messy for Tim.

And the alleged informant "knew" this "information" because he was "allegedly" involved with Bain.  That's how he "knew." Let's do the math.  No taxes for ten years, but Romney left Bain in 2001 to run the Winter Olympics.  The inference is that because this informant was involved with Bain, his accusations carry some weight.  But Romney was not with Bain.  Where is the gravitas?

And why should we, the citizen taxpayer, be more concerned with what Romney does with his money, and less concerned with what Obama, Pelosi,  and Reid do with ours?  Did Mitt do something illegal?  Tax "avoidance" is perfectly legal.  Tax "evasion" is not.  Isn't that correct Secretary Guitner?

But a stark oddity remains. Why is Harry Reid riding the mail pony?  Aren't there enough Obama media personnel out there to float this rumor?  Why the Mormon Majority Leader of the Senate?  Maybe Valerie or David know.