What Would Jesus Tax?

Time Magazine recently ran an article titled "Is Paul Ryan's Budget 'Un-Christian'?" The article's author had it revealed to her that "Jesus believed in a tax rate of at least 50 percent." Using International Monetary Fund data for 2012, I provide you a list of the countries that tax like Jesus would want them to tax, at least as revealed by inspired writer, Erika Christakis. Here are the 13 countries whose governments collect at least 50% of GDP in revenue, in order from most "Christian" to least. Iraq (74%) Kiribati (73%) Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (73%) Brunei Darussalam (69%) Kuwait (69%) Lesotho (66%) Solomon Islands (58%) Norway (58%) Finland (54%) Saudi Arabia (52%) France (51%) Denmark (51%) Belgium (51%) Regarding the barely-Christian country of France, here is how the New York Times summed up its current situation. "The rioting, which followed several days of minor clashes between young people and the police, erupted overnight, with cars and three buildings burned...(Read Full Post)