Vetting Conference Exposes More of Obama's Marxist Ties

Now that Democrats are demanding extensive documentation of Mitt Romney's financial history, President Obama's veiled past is definitely in play. And rest assured, the vetting of Barack Obama will happen.

On Thursday, July 19th, Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival held another one of his National Press Club events. This one was appropriately titled: The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection.

In kicking off this conference, Kincaid announced:

Our July 19 conference fulfills the late Andrew Breitbart's promise to finally 'vet' the president. The diabolical dangers of Marxism and radical Islam must be exposed. It is time for the shocking truth about Obama and his agenda to emerge.

"The Vetting" is a fitting title for this conference, for it explicitly detailed, with a host of new facts and evidence, from extensive, highly credible sources, the dangerously extremist nature of President Obama and the true goals of his virulently anti-American, radical leftist administration.

For example, Paul Kengor, discussing his new book The Communist, Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor, reveals that Davis had a working relationship with Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett's father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, and her biological grandfather, Robert R. Taylor. Davis also had a working relationship with David Canter, a communist and mentor to Obama chief strategist David Axelrod. How interesting, he notes, that these people are now Obama's most important advisors.

Joel Gilbert then makes a compelling case that Davis was, in fact, Obama's real father in his new documentary, "Dreams from My Real Father, a Story of Reds and Deception". There has been speculation about this over the years, but Gilbert has really done his homework. This thesis also makes a lot of sense given the other facts emerging about Obama and his ties to so many connected with Davis's Chicago network.

The Conference further discussed how a huge network of U.S. and foreign communist and hard left organizations connected to this President has colluded with radical Islam for decades to oversee the destruction of their mutual enemy: America.

This working relationship, and how it developed, was explained in depth by a prominent Soviet KGB defector, Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who spoke on his report, Communists and Muslims, the Hidden Hand of the KGB. For example, he describes the work of Karim Hakimov, a Soviet KGB operative who was one of the first of many "Muslims with a communist heart". An expert in Islam, he helped found the modern state of Saudi Arabia and befriended King Saud. He was instrumental in forming an anti-West group which was the precursor to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. As a result, Russia has "Observer" status with the group.

He also cites Alexander Litvinenko, the KGB agent murdered by the Kremlin with Polonium 210, who charged that al Qaeda's current leader, Ayman al Zawahiri, was a trained agent of the KGB. Preobrazhensky further discusses a Taliban leader and close advisor to Osama bin Laden, Juma Namangoniy. Namangoniy was born in Soviet Uzbekistan and was also a KGB-trained communist. He was supposedly killed by coalition forces but his body has not been found.

Overshadowing all is the malevolent Soros network, and the billions he and others like him are devoting to see Soros' "life's work" of destroying America come to pass.

In addition to the aforementioned Preobazhensky, Kengor and Gilbert, speakers included veteran investigative reporter Trevor Loudon, author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within; Larry Grathwohl, the only FBI informant to successfully penetrate Bill Ayers' Weather Underground; Rebel Pundit blogger Jeremy Segal; and the Clarion Fund's Ryan Mauro, speaking on the Muslim Brotherhood, the War on the New York City Police, and the film, The Third Jihad.

Additional contributions were provided in the form of printed reports from former Romanian intelligence chief, Ion Mihai Pacepa, who exposed Lee Harvey Oswald's KGB assassin training; Walid Shoebat, who revealed Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Tina Trent  who describes the latest radical left agenda supported by George Soros: the prison depopulation movement.

I attended and reported on this event. There was so much ground covered, it is impossible to even summarize it here. My report was broken into two parts. Part I can be read in its entirety at Part II will be out Monday.

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