Lefty Wannabe Superman v homeless man

Who is Spencer Thayer and why was he mocking a harmless old black dude reading his bible?  It seems the lead mocker of the black man who was reading his bible near the Chick-fil-A franchise in Chicago is also part of OWS.  Indeed he seems a participant in demonstrations for a great many far left causes.  Of course he he posted a comment to the original story claiming Legal Insurrection's Anne Sorock edited her videos to make him look bad and that the old man had been needlessly provoking him.  She has posted the unedited video as well as a short follow up in which she asks the black man what he thought of the accusation that he was really gay deep down.  She also has more links to Thayer's political activities.

Let it be hoped Thayer is about to learn it's one thing to
lead a chant that we are the 99% at a OWS rally and get your picture taken by the media.  It's another altogether for the video of you in the forefront of a pack of prosperous young men who are harassing an elderly black man to be spread across cyberspace.  That was really taking a brave stand against the evil system, "Thunderball".  I am sure your idol Nietzsche would consider you a true Übermensch.     

What is it about these left-wing activist types that even as they express undying concern for the welfare of mankind they so often treat people they perceive to be of lesser status like garbage? 

To Google Thayer is an amusing waste of time.  He seems to like to spread his opinion - I wouldn't call it consistent or coherent enough to be labeled a philosophy- across the internet. 

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