Todd Akin Must Go

Congressman Todd Akin is nothing but a liability, and he should immediately step aside. Politics is the art of the possible, and it will be impossible to win with such a tainted candidate. Tom McClusky, VP for government affairs at the Family Research Council, tweeted: "We should always hold ourselves to a different standard but we should also not throw friends who've apologized under a bus." Akin's apology counts for very little, because right now is not the time for forgiveness. Forgiveness, like respect, is something to be earned. Forgiveness does not require political suicide, or irresponsible silence in the face of outrageous conduct. Before anyone else accuses Republicans of throwing Akin under the bus, let's get our metaphors right: We can't throw Akin under the bus, because he is in the sewer. He purposefully chose to play in the sewer, and now he will carry an unbearable stench from here on out. If you prefer to stick with the bus metaphor,...(Read Full Post)