The Sikh Temple Massacre and Gun Control

While the shootings at the Sikh temple will no doubt inspire more calls for "gun control," I very much doubt that the Sikhs themselves will be among those calling for the citizenry to be disarmed. I'm hardly an expert on Sikhism, but I am a dilettante; I know at least a little bit about a great many things, and some of the few things I know about Sikhs are relevant to a discussion of the shootings at the Sikh Gurdwara (temple) in Wisconsin and the renewed calls for "gun control" that are sure to follow. I believe the Sikhs to be among the world's most noble and spiritual people. They are tolerant and peaceful, but they are not pacifists nor are they necessarily "non-violent". They understand that violence can be a necessity, and they have distinguished themselves as warriors, particularly on the side of their British colonial rulers during WW I and WW II.  Sikhism originated as a protest against many of the negative aspects of Hindu theology and culture, in particular polytheism...(Read Full Post)