The Sideshow at the DOJ

Step right up, folks!  We have here behind these mysterious walls curiosities to amaze and astound.  See the lawyer with anger issues who'll scream at the court like Sam Kinison and then put a take-down move on the bailiff.  See the attorney who'll sue on your behalf because American Airlines didn't hire your legally blind self as a jumbo-jet pilot, and then become the judge when in court and rule in your favor.  See the voting-rights attorney who can divine guilt or innocence based solely on skin color!  It's all here, for a measly $28.2 billion a year. What this is all about is a story right out of the You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up file.  The Department of Justice is now pulling out all the stops to hire, writes the PJ Tatler, "attorneys and staff who are dwarfs or who have 'psychiatric disabilities' or 'severe intellectual disabilities.'"  This includes people with schizophrenia (as if the liberalism afflicting DOJ employees isn't enough...(Read Full Post)