The Ryan Rollout

Ryan is the only fresh face of the 4 on the national ticket, so he will get lots of attention. He has a very attractive family, and an appealing life story. Lots of energy. He is not boring. He will get all the attention Palin did and more, and it will help our side.  No skeletons, no closet, and he is a great talker and an idea guy. He may help cut Obama's margin among young voters, if he can skillfully discuss the dangers for their generation of the present course, and the rewards of a different one. The attack will come on Medicare and it will be fierce, to dislodge seniors, the GOP's strongest group.  One missed opportunity today: to specifically identify that Ron Wyden is a cosponsor of Ryan's Medicare plan. Rove had some good numbers: 500 billion spent on Medicare this year, 850 billion in ten years under Ryan plan. Does that sound like a cut?   It slightly slows the rate of growth compared to present unsustainable course, and does not change anything for...(Read Full Post)