'The most extraordinary moment of the convention'

Byron York is right. Many critics say the Romney campaign needs to do more to "humanize" the candidate. What those critics might want to do is watch the Oparowski story and ask if they themselves could ever be as human, and humane, as Mitt Romney. Romney's concern over and care for a 14 year old terminal cancer patient that was highlighted in the introductory film of the candidate, was, indeed, an extraordinary moment. And if you can watch that segment and not cry like a baby, you are made of sterner stuff than this old cynical RINO: David Oparowski's cancer was terminal.  During one visit, Mrs. Oparowski recalled, "David, knowing Mitt had gone to law school at Harvard, asked Mitt if he would help him write a will.  He had some prize possessions that he wanted to make sure were given to his closest friends and family.  The next time Mitt went to the hospital, he was equipped with his yellow legal pad and pen.  Together, they made David's will. ...(Read Full Post)