The Impact of ObamaCare on the Economy

According to the experts, the top issue by far in the November election is the economy. The polls all seem to bear this out. But there may be a problem with the polls in that some of the other choices in their multiple choice questions relate to the economy. These other choices include taxes, the federal budget deficit, and health care. Mixing "the economy" in with these other choices is mixing the general with the specific. Pollsters might as well have included in their mix of choices such specifics as restoring the Glass-Steagall Act or going back on the gold standard. (Also, except for environmentalists, anarchists, and a few America haters, virtually everyone wants a better economy. But perhaps the polling companies have a follow-up question for those Americans who answer that the economy is their number one issue. If so, that follow-up question would surely list some of the very same options that were given for the initial question, such as health care. So let's take a look at...(Read Full Post)