Sayings of My Father

My father was known as Louis Glick in English and Laibl Glick in Yiddish.  He was born around 1900 in Meziboz, in the Russian Ukraine.  When Fiddler on the Roof came out, he remarked that his shtetl, where  the Baal Shem Tov developed Hassidism, could well have been the model for the movie. During the first years of the Russian Revolution, the Tsarist Whites and the Communist Reds fought over Meziboz.  One day the Red Army would enter the town, hand my father a rifle and order him to fight for the Communists.  A few days later, the White Army would enter, hand him a rifle, and order him to fight for the tsar.  A few days after that, the Cossacks would sweep in, each brandishing a sword in one hand and a rifle in the other and steering their horses with their knees.  The Cossacks were not interested in Russian politics; they were interested in killing Jews. During one raid, a Cossack fired his rifle at my father.  But because his horse...(Read Full Post)