Romney to Call for Energy Independence by 2020

Mitt Romney traveled to Hobbs, New Mexico yesterday to push energy independence for North America in eight years.  As president, Romney would embark on energy independence by first empowering the states. Reported Yahoo! News:  In what his campaign is billing as a major policy speech, Mitt Romney will unveil an energy plan Thursday that would give states the power to determine whether drilling and mining should occur on federal lands within their borders as part of a larger effort to increase domestic oil, coal and natural gas production and achieve energy independence. The Obama administration has emphasized expensive, unreliable, and technologically difficult alternatives like wind and solar power.  Mr. Obama's alternative energy policies have also been plagued by scandal -- namely, the Solyndra debacle.  And the president is waging an ongoing war against the coal industry, as U.S. News reported in June: His [President Obama's] administration, especially the...(Read Full Post)