Romney and the Chick-fil-A Battle

Conservative Talk Radio icon Barry Farber, in a column appearing Aug. 8 on World Net Daily, predicts a landslide victory for Romney, or rather a landslide against Obama. Barry bases his prediction on the massive nationwide turnout of some twenty-one million Americans for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, which he says was "a cultural-and-religious Normandy Invasion with hundreds of Omaha Beaches." He sees it as a sign that America's "inner forces" are coalescing, united in their traditional (albeit currently unfashionable) concept of marriage, and having had quite enough of the Left's suppression of free speech through intimidation while issuing one-way demands for "tolerance". He sees these forces as gathering into a "tsunami" with the potential to sweep Obama from office (and thus sweep Romney in). I'm as inspired by this as Barry Farber is. Or at least I was until Romney made his own position known. Mitt Romney, The Great Disappointer, wants no part of that "movement". Asked to comment...(Read Full Post)