Romney-Ryan: Much Needed Innovative Thinking

The Congressional Budget Office recently reported that about $5 billion in new tax revenue could be generated over the next ten years if the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was opened for oil and gas drilling.  The CBO went on to say that some $2.5-$6.0 billion in tax revenues would be created over another 12-year period after the area had been further developed. This report would not have been done had it not been for the request of none other than the House Budget Committee Chairman and Romney running-mate, Paul Ryan.  Ryan's request for this report underscores his innovative thinking regarding the need to get America's fiscal house in order.  By opening up a sliver of ANWR to exploration and discovery, jobs would be created and tax revenues would increase.  How different is that when compared to the Obama Administration, which keeps stating that the pathway to fiscal stability is to increase the taxes on the top 1% of taxpayers, those earning over...(Read Full Post)