Poverty: The Shtick That Keeps on Giving

When it comes to poverty we can either side with Alinskyites like Georgetown law professor Peter Edelman or we can go with a real radical like Mother Teresa. That's what came to mind after reading Edelman's July 28 op-ed in the New York Times.  First, Mother Teresa's take on the poor. In 1975 a British journalist visited Mother Teresa in the same festering slum where the nun lived. He wondered about her attitude toward the starving, dying and impoverished people of Calcutta whom she had ministered to since 1948. Mother's enlightening response suggested there are a lot worse things than physical poverty.  The poor she says have much "to teach us about contentment, that is something you don't have much of in the West." The sister relayed many stories of the poorest of the poor saying "thank you" and one individual who lay dying with "a smile...It was just perfect. It was just a heavenly gift. That woman was more concerned...(Read Full Post)