Paul Ryan Young, Joe Biden Old

By selecting Paul Ryan for his running mate, Romney has cast Joe Biden into the outer darkness of political obsolescence. The mere contrast between Paul Ryan's biological youth, matched by his intellectual vigor and depth, makes Joe Biden appear to the political world what bell-bottoms and polyester appear to today's fashion world. Try:  "Out of it, man, like, way out!" But the story doesn't end with the youth contrast alone. Biden's Novus Ordo, liberal "Catholicism," radically accuses its own age. Biden reeks of the must and dust of creepy old Paul VI, the ugly New "Mass" of 1969, and various forms of communist-impregnated Liberation Theology which the anti-Catholic Second Vatican Council adopted to fundamentally transform the Church into everything it isn't. Responding to Sister Simone Campbell's recent "Nuns on the Bus" tour designed to agitate social justice groups against Paul Ryan's famous budget, the "man with a plan" and "America's accountant" retorted that his magnum...(Read Full Post)