One Message Two Conventions, School Reformer Plays Both Sides

With all the slings and arrows coming her way from the pro-union Save Our Schools brigade why is Michelle Rhee, CEO of StudentsFirst attending the Democratic Convention in Charlotte? And with her background as a Democrat and supporter of Obama's education reforms, how can she appear at the Republican convention as well? Ever since former DC Mayor Adrian Fenty hired Rhee to run the city's school system in 2007, the much-hyped education reformer has been a handy target for the Left. Check out any Progressive-Marxist leaning media site dealing with education and Rhee's name will be front and center. It's no secret they despise her. Armed with a new movie, Won't Back Down, Rhee will join in a discussion with other panel members including her husband Kevin Johnson, Democrat Mayor of Sacramento and Obama crony. The movie has been backed by conservative monies, but produced by the Hollywood left. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays "a parent trying to invoke a parent trigger-like law in Pittsburgh....(Read Full Post)